A text message that could save your life

Carleton University unveils new Emergency Notification System

I just signed up for Carleton University’s new Emergency Notification System. Students, faculty and staff have the option to enter our cell phone numbers if we want to receive a warning text in case of an emergency on campus.

In addition to text messages, Carleton will send an email to all regular school accounts and a warning message will be displayed across all campus computers.

In an email to sent out by Carleton University, the new system is being hailed as “is the most effective and flexible of any such system on a Canadian university campus.”

This is a new approach to safety that Carleton is taking, and it is unlike anything we have previously seen on campus. I had heard about warning text messages at other universities and I am very excited that my campus is now offering this service.

I just hope that the system does not get overused like some school email notifications we get. Constant emails and text messages from the university would make me want to unsubscribe to this new system.

For more information on the Emergency Notification System, click here.

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