U.S. students go bargain shopping at Canuck universities

American media highlights value of our "colleges"

Canadian university recruiters south of the 49th parallel have been enjoying a good year with many Americans desperate to find more affordable higher education options than those presently available from private universities. This is especially true for Maritime universities who recruit in the Northeastern U.S.

The savings for American’s coming across the border are significant. A private American university can charge upwards of $40,000/yr, whereas a year at a Canadian university costs about $20,000. Factor in a favourable currency exchange, and the savings increase.

American media outlets have taken note of the trend and have provided invaluable positive coverage for Canadian institutions.
On Christmas Day, the Boston Globe published a lengthy story about the Canadian “college destination.”

Last week, NBC News aired a story on America’s most watched newscast about how affordable Canadian universities are in comparison to private US colleges:

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Having talked to recruitment officials out east, there appears to be an increase in applications this year. It remains to be seen how many American students come north this fall. This could be a record year for Canadian universities.