Animal advocate leaves $7.5 million to UGuelph

Canada’s first animal cancer centre will get half of the cash

The University of Guelph has received a $7.5 million gift from a businesswoman who died last year at the age of 89.

Mona Campbell, the CEO of Dover Industries, which she inherited from her father at age 33, was a fervent animal advocate and arts patron. The university says her gift to the Ontario Veterinary College is the largest-ever single donation to the institution.

Half of the money will be used to support animal welfare research and half will support Canada’s first animal cancer centre.

Campbell, who was born in Toronto, died in May 2008 of natural causes in South Carolina, where she had lived for several years.

At the time of her death, Dover Industries was Canada’s largest flour-milling company, with some 500 employees. Campbell was also the first female director of the Toronto-Dominion Bank.

“We are so grateful for this incredible gift, not only for the financial support and tremendous opportunities it affords but also for the spirit in which it was made,” said university president Alastair Summerlee.

“It reflects Mona’s passion for and dedication to animals”.

Campbell’s relationship with the university back nearly two decades. Over the years, she donated more than $1 million to various programs and efforts, especially those related to animal welfare and equine issues.

– The Canadian Press