On Campus

Arizona considers allowing guns on campus

15 states are considering similar law changes

In an effort to prevent campus shootings like the recent North Illinois tragedy, Arizona State is considering a bill that would allow concealed guns on campuses.

The bill is being sponsored by Senator Karen S. Johnson and has been approved the Senate Judiciary Committee. It would allow people with concealed weapons permits to carry them at public colleges and universities.

Johnson believes that because police are too slow to respond to campus shootings, arming students and professors could limit the number of deaths in similar situations.

According to the New York Times, she originally wanted the bill to cover all schools. But she’s since backed off to just colleges and universities. “I feel like our kindergarteners are are sitting there like sitting ducks,” she was quoted as saying.

15 other states have pending legislation changes that would allow guns on campus. Utah is the only state with a law specifically permitting guns on campus.

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