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Asexual people want love too: Brock researcher

They just don’t want sex

Brock University professor Anthony Bogaert has released a new book, Understanding Asexuality. From the press release:

“There’s evidence that many asexual people do want to have a love bond with a partner, they do want to have some kind of affectionate intimacy that we define in a romantic kind of way, but not have any need or interest in any kind of sexual bonding with their romantic partner,” Bogaert says.

In Understanding Asexuality, Bogaert expands upon his previous work and other researchers’ findings on asexuality. A few surprising tidbits:

·      some have a “non-specific” sex drive that is typically satisfied in solitary sex
·      asexuals can be very romantic partners
·      some asexuals are married with children
·      asexuality is a fourth category of sexuality (in addition to gay, straight, and bisexual)
·      many asexuals go through a “coming out” process similar to gay people
·      secrets of sexuality are revealed by viewing it through an “asexual” lens

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