Canada’s largest student union votes to downgrade CASA membership

I am told by a very reliable source attending the UBC Alma Mater Society meeting that the AMS has unanimously voted to withdrawal from downgrade their membership with the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations.

The AMS will become associate members of CASA instead of the full members they presently are.

With it, the AMS takes 44,000 members out of CASA.

Interestingly, this also means that over 50% of university students in British Columbia are without external provincial or federal lobbying representation.

Both grads and undergrads at UBC-Vancouver and Simon Fraser University have recently decided to leave lobbying organization and pursue lobbying with their own resources.

More on the story as details emerged. (as of 2am EDT, I’m going to sleep)

UPDATES: I misinterpreted the text message I received to be full withdrawal. Another source quickly corrected me. Thanks to all.