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Canadian head at Johns Hopkins

Dr. Ron Daniels led the University of Toronto’s law school for a decade

Globe and Mail story:

Dr. [Ron] Daniels, who led the University of Toronto’s law school for a decade before moving to the United States in 2005, yesterday was elected as the next president of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, an elite research school with a world renowned medical centre.


Dr. Daniels praised the United States for its ability to produce so many leading postsecondary institutions. “The United States has just been extraordinarily successful at nurturing institutions of pre-eminence when it comes to higher education,” he said. “This is what the United States has done spectacularly well.”


During his decade as law dean, Dr. Daniels dramatically increased fundraising and worked to expand the school and raise its reputation. Some of his efforts created controversy, especially the increase in tuition fees. Many of his critics felt he was moving the school to a U.S. model and aligning it too closely with Bay Street.

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