CBU students get wet

Students’ Union seeks to break Guinness record for largest water balloon fight.

Academics love to throw numbers around, so here’s one: 3927.

Believe it or not, that’s the number of participants in the world’s largest water balloon fight, and that’s the number that the Students’ Union at Cape Breton University is trying to beat this Sunday. Am I the only one who thought that number would be higher?

Anyway, I like events like this one because they are simultaneously goofy and serious, and although the event was originally scheduled for Frosh week, I think the October date is better. October is the time when the initial rush of excitement over the new academic year has abated and the warmth and richness of the December holiday season is still too far off to serve as a motivator. New students especially have, by early October, developed a sense of just how tough university can be and will be feeling the stress that comes when you realize that if you don’t work hard, you might actually fail at this. So October is a great time to let off some steam.

Or, in this case, condensed steam. Inside a balloon. Thrown at your head.