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City councillor tells York students to not pay parking tickets

University stands by policy of withholding transcripts from students who don't pay up

According to the CBC, Toronto city councillor Howard Moscoe is telling York University students to not pay parking tickets given out by the school. He says the tickets are illegal, as only the City of Toronto can issue parking tickets.

Moscoe is also advising students to not give the university any car regisration or license plate information.

York University is standing by its policy to issue parking tickets on its property, and will withhold transcripts from students who haven’t paid up.

“It’s identical to when you renew your taxi or driver’s licences. Unless you pay your fines, you don’t get it [renewed] and that’s because that’s their last opportunity to actually get you before you depart. And I think we are in the same situation,” says university spokesman Richard Fisher.

If York continues to issue fines, the city may take the case to court, warns Moscoe.

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