Comedian displeased with Memorial U.

Says "havin’ a time" is his phrase, not theirs

A comedian in St. John’s isn’t too happy that Memorial University is using the words “havin’ a time” on banners that promote its student reunion.

Donnie Dumphy, whose  Havin’ a Time rap appeared on the show Rick Mercer Report in 2008 told CBC that the phrase belongs to him. He also says he would have done an ad campaign “for five bucks and a half pack of smokes.”

Penny Blackwood, director of alumni affairs and development for Memorial, noted that the definition of “a time” is in the dictionary of Newfoundland English and called it coincidental.

With that it sounds like Dumphy won’t be havin’ a time on Memorial’s dime anytime soon. But there is a silver lining for him. At least his video will get a few more views. It already has 1.2 million.