CRO’s take note

YouTube – it’s a site students go to? right?

The Dalhousie Student Union elections office went out and created short "intro commercials" for the election candidates.

Most of the candidate statements are pretty much the same as last year and what you hear at any campus. The elections office has no control over the candidates themselves, so I can’t fault them for that, I have to give them credit for a well designed website and the effort involved in creating the YouTube videos.

CROs across the country take note. It be nice to see someone take this idea to the next level in the coming year – the creation of videos that go viral.


Not only do they use YouTube, they also use Facebook Applications!

Imagine that online voting, YouTube, and Facebook; it’s almost like its the 21st Century and a students union is actually with the times. Wait, what I am saying, a students’ union is with the times!

If I were a student union type at another school, (or especially if I were a student at Dal), I would be adding this application on Facebook: DSU Elections by ivoteonline.

I’m also told that students find out who their president is right after voting closes, imagine that.

At the McMaster Students Union, they still don’t know who the President is, or even the number of ballots cast more than a month after the election ended.