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CSM supports trend towards ‘affirmative action’ based on income

The Christian Science Monitor, one of my favourite publications, last week wrote an editorial favourable to the current trend to improve the number of students from low-income backgrounds at America’s most selective universities.

It is worth noting that difference in public opinion to income-based admission schemes compared to race-based admission schemes.

I fit into this category, I do not support race-based admission quotas. The difference between race-based and income-based on paper is great, in practice there is very little difference.

In both Canada and America, the students targeted by race-based admissions are generally living in low-income situations. The goal is to address one’s socio-economic situation, not the colour of one’s skin.

The big question in the latest trend is if there will be a backlash in five years time.

There was resentment of race-based affirmative action as some "white" people felt that "under-qualified" students were bypassing them for limited spaces in programs such as law.

Will the upper and upper-middle classes revolt if they see people from lower incomes filling those seats instead?

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