Dumbest prank ever

Pranking 101: You don’t endanger animals, Pranking 102: Don’t mess with African animals

Students at Emory University barricaded a live zebra inside a campus building Tuesday night. This after they stole it from a local farmer who lives "about a mile from campus" according to the student newspaper The Emory Wheel

They stuck the zebra on the third floor of a building (claiming to have blocked windows to prevent it from jumping out) and left it without food or water.

The students apparently thought they were being funny and reviving a campus tradition. In the 1950s and 60s, it was popular at the university to place livestock in the same building the zebra was placed. However, at the time (as noted in the campus paper), many of the students would have grown up with livestock.

This is easily the dumbest prank I’ve ever read of.