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Edmonton teacher may lose job for case against zero

Suspended for awarding zeros to high school students

An Edmonton teacher who was suspended after giving students zeros for defiance of school policy may now lose his job.

Lynden Dorval, physics and science teacher, initially refused to abide by his school’s no-zero policy. In a letter dated June 18, the principal of Ross Sheppard High School, Ron Bradley, told Dorval that he’s facing termination.

From CBC:

“Your behavior is unbefitting a professional. It is also ironic in light of your very public pronouncements about your concern for the welfare of your students. Your habitual refusal to obey lawful orders, your repeated insubordination, and your obvious neglect of duty force me to consider recommending termination of your teaching contract with Edmonton Public Schools.”

Dorval called the letter “puzzling,” and plans to speak about the no-zero policy at a special meeting of the Edmonton Public School Board on Tuesday.

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