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Election timing could depress student turnout

Students advised to plan ahead to cast their ballots

The timing of the election could decrease the number of university students who cast a ballot. With a May 2 election day, and advanced polling scheduled for the Easter weekend, students will be preoccupied with completing assignments, studying for exams, looking for work and moving. Chris Hyde, of the Wilfird Laurier University Students’ Union, told the Canadian University Press that the situation is a “perfect storm.” Hyde, who suggests advanced polling take place prior to Easter, is writing the chief electoral officer to draw attention to the issue. “It really is almost a national issue and it’s a national issue that it receives a lot of attention because a lot of people are out there saying this isn’t fair to students,” he said. Elections Canada does recognize the apparent problem. “Voting at the time of the year that’s a very busy time for students certainly presents a challenge for them,” spokesperson Diane Benson told CUP. She advised students plan ahead in order to vote.

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