Former UVic rabbits could be evicted from Texas sanctuary

City bylaw could limit the number of animals to 4 per home

Rabbits relocated from the University of Victoria to a sanctuary in Texas could soon be without a home. The city of Whitehouse, where the Wild Rose Rescue Ranch is located, is considering a by-law that would limit the number of animals to four per home. The sanctuary is currently home to 230 of the rabbits that were sterilized and removed from the University of Victoria as part of a plan to humanely rid the campus of a years long infestation. To avoid a possible cull of the animals, last summer local activist groups secured permits from the province in order to place them in sanctuaries, one of them being in Texas.  “The neighbours are upset because they feel like they are being overrun with animals. They didn’t know anything about the rabbits and neither did the city administration,” a Whitehouse city spokesperson told Postmedia. The by-law goes before city council on Feb 22.