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Free course materials have reached 100 million

MIT wants to reach one billion in next 10 years

MIT  announced that its free OpenCourseWare has reached 100 million people in the first 10 years of the project. The group says its new goal is to reach one billion people over the next decade. “We aspire by 2021 to make open educational resources like MIT OpenCourseWare the tools to bridge the global gap between human potential and opportunity, so that motivated people everywhere can improve their lives and change the world,” they wrote in a press release. The plan includes making OCW available through mobile phones, making it more culturally-appropriate for different groups and “creating an [online] ecosystem” that will allow users to learn more from each other. Although MIT’s initiative is the largest of its kind, other top-ranked schools like UC Berkeley and Yale University also offer OCW. Capilano University in Vancouver gives away materials for 10 subjects from art history to computer science.

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