How to destroy your career with Facebook, Episode 23

New head of British spy agency has his cover blown, by his wife, on Facebook

James Bond’s boss has had his cover blown by his wife, who posts family photos, reveals their favorite vacations spots, puts up embarrassing shots of him in a bathing suit — stop me if you’ve heard enough — on Facebook. Level of privacy she chose? Um, close to zero.

As the Daily Mail reports:

Sir John Sawers, currently Britain’s Ambassador to the United Nations, where he sits on the highly sensitive Security Council, began his working life in MI6 but has spent the past 20 years building a career as a diplomat rather than a spy.

Senior politicians said the security lapse raised serious doubts about Sir John’s suitability to head the intelligence service….

Indeed. Back in the 60s, they used to say, “don’t trust anyone over 30.” Today’s slogan might be don’t entrust anyone over (30? 40? 50?) with basic consumer technology. They’ll blow themselves up. Or at least leave the DVD player permanently flashing “12:00.”