It all starts with a syllabus

…next come the assignments.

students, classroom, lecture hallRight now is that brief period of time at the beginning of each semester when notebooks are still blank, binders are empty, and nothing has been handed in yet. It’s impossible to be behind on the readings, because it’s the first day of classes.

But by the end of today, the first day, there’s going to be a course syllabus and a schedule of readings sitting in my binder. I’ll know about the upcoming quiz and the assignment that’s due on the 15th. If I’m not reading my textbook or working on the practice questions, it means I’m probably falling behind.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been waking up when I feel like it. I’ve been reading books that don’t contain the words “peptide bond” or “entropy.” It’s difficult to accept the fact that the next time I watch a movie, it won’t be Inception.

It’ll be a Discovery Channel documentary that’s boringness is proportional to its title, like Inside the plant cell: cellulose and vacuoles revealed.

-Photo courtesy of velkr0