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Lead found in UNB water fountains

Class project turns up health hazard

Students conducting a class project at the University of New Brunswick have discovered lead in the water system that exceeds levels recommended by Health Canada. “The goal was to go around and check all the water fountains and prove that they are just as good as bottled water, but the results came back a little different than what we thought they would be,” Jennifer Nicholson, who worked on the project, told the Brunswickan. “They were a few water fountains in the older buildings … that showed high levels of lead and iron. We re-tested the ones that were over the health advisory level and all of them came back under the health advisory level except for one fountain in Bailey Hall.” The group also found that running the taps for at least two minutes resulted in a lower concentration of metals. When presenting their findings to UNB officials, the students recommended that water pipes in older buildings be replaced. The university is consulting with the New Brunswick Department of Health, the Department of Environment and the City of Fredericton on how best to proceed.

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