Let me yaffle that for you

New Memorial website hosts research opportunities, project summaries and expert contact info

yaffle -noun 1. An armful (of dried and salted cod-fish, kindling, etc); a load.
2. Fig. a small bundle or bunch; a handful (of people).

Memorial University of Newfoundland has launched a new online resource called Yaffle. The word yaffle is taken from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English which defines it as “an armful (of dried and salted cod-fish, kindling, etc.); a load”.

Compiled by the university’s Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development, is a search engine of Memorial’s expertise and resources which allows users to find an expert, query research being done by university researchers in their geographic region, and suggest research ideas. It contains nearly 1,000 lay summaries of various projects being carried out at the university and provides a portal to information about over 400 researchers in a wide range of fields.