Life after student politics: Best professor edition

My colleague Dr. Michael Temelini has been voted the Best Professor in St. John’s in The Scope’s annual Best of St. John’s readers’ survey.

The Scope is an alternative weekly arts and entertainment newspaper in St. John’s. Folks in Toronto, think Now or Eye Magazine, or if you live further West, think The Straight.

Dr. Temelini is a political science professor at Memorial University and a frequent commentator on politics and public affairs in the local and national media. As I noted in an earlier post, he and I were fellow travelers in post-secondary student advocacy back in the mid-nineties.

Snipped from The Scope:

Political Science Professor Michael Temelini is completely blown away by this win. “How did this even happen?” he kept asking. Please. He’s a frequent source of commentary for the CBC, he’s written about Newfoundland nationalism for the Globe and Mail, and he’s pissed off all kinds people in the process. Somehow, he manages to bring all this fist-shaking fury to his lectures, electrifying the standard Intro To Yadda-Yadda course. Kids wind up glued to the radio, reading the news and looking up the Charter of Rights every morning before class just so they can keep up and get an argument in. That’s how it happens.