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Lines of communication reopen in UVSS SUB strike

C-Fax 1070 reports that the two sides in the UVSS strike sat down face-to-face for the first time in three weeks today.

Attempts to force an impeachment referendum against the present UVSS executive continue after union activists and supporters were not able to move a referendum motion at the UVSS AGM.

A couple weeks ago, a petition to place the motion on the AGM agenda was ignored by the UVSS. The UVSS board failed to meet quorum and the petition was not considered in time.

The chair of the AGM meeting, former CFS national chairperson Amanda Aziz, ruled the referendum motion in violation of UVSS bylaws and out of order. The ruling was challenged and the majority of the room supported Aziz’s ruling.

The union activist and UVSS member leading the charge for an impeachment referendum, Jose Barrios, is promising to collect the necessary signatures on a petition to force the UVSS to conduct an impeachment referendum.

Looks like things will continue to heat up over the next few weeks.

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