Maclean’s 6th Annual Student Special

Some schools guarantee employment, others say it’s not their job. Can universities tailor themselves to suit the workplace? Just as important: should they?

Students want jobs and universities are listening
But which schools are turning out the most employable grads? No one really knows.

2011 Student Surveys: Complete results
Students tell universities how the system is working.It’s all about class time.

Get me a job–or give me my money back
Should schools be in the business of turning out employable grads?

The student’s Quest
From dirt and dreams to student favourite: what’s different about Quest University is pretty much everything

Proud to be retail
Ambitious grads find big rewards—in between toys and housewares

The college advantage
University inspired them to change the world. College gave them the tools to do it.

Cheap loans and tight job prospects create a new crop of entrepreneurs

Job interview? Here are some hints
When they say… ‘Tell us about yourself,’ they don’t really mean it

Now we don’t have to worry
Mom, dad, big brother and sister—everyone was scrimping to keep Jessica Holman in university. The Maclean’s $20,000 scholarship changed all that.