McGill scientists dance for cash

Innovative fundraiser video is taking off online

A video meant to draw attention to a university campaign is a hit online (unlike the get-out-the-vote campaign videos we reported on last week.)

The magic key to hits—122,000 so far—seems to be having researchers to do silly things on camera, like dance to Taio Cruz’s song Dynamite while wearing a leather jacket and shades.

The video features McGill University scientists, students, lab techs and volunteers who break out into choreographed routines. Viewers get to peer inside the labs where they see people working hard to find treatments and cures for cancers. Some scientists hold up signs to remind us that although it’s fun, it’s still a fundraiser. One says “Today’s knowledge for tomorrow’s cure.”

The video was created by McGill’s Rosalind & Morris Goodman Cancer Research Centre. For each hit the video gets, Mediacom, a private partner, will make a donation to research.