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MNA's vote against extending Bill 101 to CEGEPS

'We think we should leave things as they are,' Beauchamp

Quebec’s National Assembly took preemptive action yesterday against a Parti Quebecois proposal to extend Bill 101 to CEGEPs, the Montreal Gazette reports. An Action democratique du Quebec motion, supported by the governing Liberals, to oppose the plan passed 65-45. The PQ, which will be considering the proposal at a party convention in April, wants the same language rules applied to colleges as elementary and secondary schools, by preventing allophones and francophones from attending English language CEGEPs. The PQ’s Pierre Curzi says he is worried about an increasingly “anglicized” Montreal, despite Statistics Canada reports that show English as a second language is actually declining, if slightly, in the city. Liberal education minister, Line Beauchamp pointed out that 95 per cent of francophones who go onto college are already attending french CEGEPs. “We think we should leave things as they are,” the minister said.

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