Nearly 14,000 Ontario university employees make six figures

Many profs and admins in top one per cent

Ontario’s annual Public Sector Salary Disclosure has been published. The so-called Sunshine List reveals the compensation paid to every public employee who made $100,000 or more last year.

Of the 79,000 employees on the 2011 list, 13,819 work for universities. That’s not surprising, considering it was revealed last week that Canada’s professors are the world’s highest paid.

What’s surprising is how many university workers have crossed the threshold between five and six figures. The $100,000-club has grown by 32 per cent in just three years.

While the majority of university employees on the list earn just over $100,000, a substantial number—1,750—made $170,000 or more, which puts them in the top one per cent of Canadian earners.

Among them, 746 reached $200,000, 97 made more than $300,000 and 15 topped $400,000.

William Moriarty, president of the University of Toronto’s Asset Management Corporation, is once again the highest paid university employee in Ontario at $655,995.

The presidents of Waterloo, Western, York and Guelph all topped $400,000.

The Sunshine List was released ahead of Ontario’s provincial budget on Tuesday.