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This post is like a movie trailer, only without the things that make trailers so cool

Inspired by the wPhone, I’m going to upgrade to a smart phone tonight.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about it for a bit now and just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money.

However, I’m way too busy these days and the blog is suffering. With the ability to write posts and respond to emails while travelling on the bus, I should be more productive and it’s all about the productivity. (Hattip Prof. Bontis)

I will christen my phone the jPhone which sounds much cooler.


  • Why is the CFS silent?
  • Student elections – Why the UTSU and YFS have no creditably left and why the McMaster Students Union is soon to join them.
  • 3am on campus – you be surprised at what’s happening in the middle of the night.
  • Students in the world’s oldest profession and why I’m not overly concerned about it.
  • More court cases – for those of you that haven’t heard the name Donald Crane enough.
  • UNC student body president killed – a college campus deals with the shock and why I think the US media is so interested in the story along with the story of an Auburn student found shot.
  • Why the armpit of Ryerson University, otherwise known by its name The Eyeopener, deserves the thanks of students across the country.
  • What going on at Queen’s – an OUSA school takes a stand against its university Executive Head and publicizes it.



LINKS – the stories I read last week that are noteworthy but I don’t have much time to comment on.

Student apathy: who even cares? – nice analysis in the McGill Tribune.

Some Partial Answers About Faculty Unions and Strikes – another great insight into the STU lockout/strike.

California College Finds a Buyer for Its Canadian Island – really, a college owned a island? a Canadian one at that?

UQàM report lays out plan for downsizing – students and faculty call for the government to shake the magical money tree.

WLU meal plans offers variety – The WLU student newspapers says "Whether or not students may enjoy their meal plans, the food services at school or the options available to them in their first year at university, they can take solace in the knowledge that compared to the other five universities surveyed, Laurier stacks up quite nicely." – clearly, we didn’t get the memo.

This Has to stop – one student journalist’s call for an end to violence on campus.

RSU takes freedom of speech fight to McMaster – for $600, you could have taken a limo and spent the difference on the hypocrite Kool-aid you so enjoy.

The job of every print publication? Wired editor says it’s to add value to the web – finally somebody who get’s it. The future of media is on the web with print promoting the web and doing the things you can’t on a 19′ screen. (Maybe a certain political office will get the whole journalism exists on the Internet thing before the next election.)

Meet the Chancellor Candidates – Canada’s largest university election.

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