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Obama’s promises for post-secondary education

Yes he can?

With a “Yes we can” attitude and a five point platform for higher education, President-elect Obama represents a changing face for higher education and Americans are hopeful. Obama’s platform targets loan programmes, access to higher education, community colleges, science and technology, and affirmative action.

Between 2001 and 2010, about two million academically qualified students did not or will not attend college because of the cost. To alleviate this, Obama’s platform recommends tax credits and simplification of the current labyrinthine college loan application process . . .

In addition to improving students’ access to credit, Obama wants community colleges to implement more programmes targeting emerging careers. Science and technology research is generating significant enthusiasm in academic arenas because Obama’s plan calls for expanded financing of federal research in these areas.

Universities hope to capture money, particularly in the fields of energy and stem cell research. Obama has stated energy is his second highest priority following the economy, so universities anticipate some money for initiatives to implement alternative energy sources. Since the President-elect supports stem cell research without the restrictions imposed by the Bush administration, universities are optimistic that more federal funds will start to flow.

Tax credits and simplification of the current labyrinthine college loan application process. Why does that sound familiar?

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