Off the CUPE beat

As any regular reader will have noticed, I’ve been writing a lot about the CUPE strike up at York, especially as it relates to Osgoode law school. Hey, it’s interesting news. Unfortunately now I’m going to have to remove myself from that dialogue. Due to a position I’ve been offered at the University of Toronto Scarborough I will very shortly become a member of CUPE local 3902 – which is the University of Toronto equivalent.

As has been pointed out before, there’s at least the looming possibility of a strike at the University of Toronto also. Interesting topic, and I could write more, but that’s exactly why I’m off the CUPE beat. I still have my opinions and I’m fairly confident they are objective ones, but I’d have a hard time proving that to anyone who might disagree. Sometimes the appearance of bias is just as bad as real bias. So rather than wrestle with that, I’ll just leave the topic to others.

All the best to both those on strike and those affected by it. Hope it gets settled soon.

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