Ontario New Democrats promise tuition freeze

Undergraduate Student Alliance supports plan

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said that her party would freeze post-secondary tuition for four years and eliminate interest on the provincial portion of student loans if elected on Oct. 6. The NDP say that it would cost $365-million over four years.

Sean Madden, president of the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance supports the plan. “A freeze will save students over $300 annually, while beginning to shift the cost of higher education back to the public,” he said.

The Ontario Liberals have promised to cut post secondary tuition by 30 per cent or $730 per year for colleges student and $1,600 per year for university students. Only students from families with household incomes under $160,000 would qualify.

The Progressive Conservatives have promised to expand access to Ontario student loans.

Students: Voters in Ontario, Newfoundland, Manitoba and PEI will go to the polls in October. Saskatchewan votes on Nov. 7. Visit Maclean’s On Campus and click “Politics” for coverage.