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Police warn pot smokers

Drug laws will be enforced on 4/20

Photo by JosephAdams on Flickr

April 20 (or “4/20”) is an annual holy day for marijuana smokers. It’s also a day that’s conveniently close to the end of exams at many Canadian universities, making campuses a natural gathering spot for pot-fueled celebrations.

In many cases, police ignore the illegal substances—it’s not as though pot smoking is likely to lead to riots. But this year, police in one Canadian university town, London, Ont., are reminding people that possession of any quantity of marijuana is illegal. “The London Police Service will enforce the law on this date as they would throughout the year,” they said in a release.

That seems like fair warning, considering what happened last time students in London revelled en masse. Then again, St. Patrick’s Day is all about drinking. April 20 should be much more relaxed.

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