Quebecers against extending Bill 101 to CEGEPs

Majority of francophones against restricting access to English colleges

A majority of Quebecers oppose extending Bill 101 to the province’s CEGEPs, according to a new Leger Marketing poll. Currently, Bill 101 prevents francophones and allophones from attending English language elementary and secondary schools, but their are no restrictions on attending English colleges. Recently, the opposition Parti Quebecois called for extending the language laws to the CEGEP system evidently in response to a study that showed around half of all students at English language CEGEP’s were either allophones or francophones. The leger survey found that 58 per cent of Quebecers, including 53 per cent of francophones and 80 per cent of non-anglophones, do not support restricting access to English-language CEGEPs. Only 38 per cent of francophones in the province agreed that Bill 101 should be extended to the college system.