Radical Beer declares War on Coleman; quickly withdraw declaration and retreat.

The Radical Beer Tribune, a publication participating in the UBC Alma Mater Society’s Voter Fund Media Competition, declared war on me earlier tonight stating:

“Screw you @JoeyColeman , for trying to take we poor UBC students beer money away from us by entering VFM. Screw you.”

Two minutes later, in a moment of what could be called sober second-thought, the media arm of the Radical Beer Faction wisely backed down:

“Well, it appears McLeans, and not MacLeans has entered VFM. @JoeyColeman, you have been taken off notice.”

Radical Beer, you have failed to meet my conditions of surrender. You shall immediately provide me with 24 kegs of good beer; not that warm stuff you like to drink there in Vancouver. Furthermore, you will assist me in freeing the Fire Hydrant from his present lock-up.

What kind of friends are you? Allowing Peets to stick the Hydrant in a hole while his does post-doc in Japan.

Last condition, stop being so lame! Declare war and then surrender all during the same commericial break. The only mistake of George W. Bush’s you were supposed to learn from was his near choking on a pretzel!