To give you an idea of the alphabet soup recruiters live in day-to-day, here’s a quick snippet from a conversation I had recently with a colleague..

“How are your ISVs going?”

“Good, good. Collecting lots of IRC’s, but I’m heading on QUIP next week so we should see more.”

“Nice. I’m seeing a lot of interest in WSB, seems like the BBA is popular.”

“Right on. Well, good luck with QUIP, I’m heading out to Calgary with CUE.”

For those of you totally mystified by that little exchange, let me break it down:

Individual School Visits (ISV): For the past month, I’ve been doing ISVs. I get in the car, drive to a school, and meet with students specifically interested in attending Bishop’s. It’s a great way to start a conversation, and usually results in the kind of intimate interaction where your questions and concerns can be addressed immediately.

Quebec University Information Program (QUIP): When you see McGill, Concordia and Bishop’s presenting together, that’s a “QUIP visit”. As the three English-speaking universities in the province of Quebec, we travel together throughout the fall. We figure that if you’ve already made the decision to come to Quebec, you might as well hear from all of us at once.

Information Request Cards (IRC): When I attend schools, I typically ask interested students to fill out IRCs. This info gets sent back to Bishop’s, put into a database, then broken down by faculty, sport of interest, region, etc. That way, you only receive information about the programs that interest you. Or, if we’re holding an event in your region, you hear about it. It means that students don’t receive the kind of general junk mail that we all hate.

Williams School of Business/Bachelor of Business Administration: Bishop’s business school/degree received upon graduation from the School.

CUE (Canadian University Event): To be honest, I had to look this one up. I’d internalized it, and its meaning has slipped my mind. However, CUE is when universities from around the country tour places like Vancouver and Calgary, holding fairs and visits together. This cuts down on individual bookings (see ISV), and also gives guidance counsellors the opportunity to meet up with schools they may not otherwise interact with.

More acronyms to come…