Ryerson University - Hub Cafeteria

I bought a banana, but I also bought a butter tart. See how that works?


The Hub strikes a nice balance between offering students what they should be eating, and what they want to be eating. For instance, I bought a banana. I smacked down my 89 cents, and wham-o, that banana was mine. But I also bought a butter tart. See how that works?

Aptly named, located as it is in the core of the downtown campus, right across from the boulder-spiked skating rink and George’s hot dog cart, the Hub’s food court is sun-challenged but sparked up with cheery signage, clean lines and a smooth flow. It houses the usual suspects: Manchu Wok, Pizza Pizza, Extreme Pita, but also newbies like Pan Geos—a mamma-mia twist on Made in Japan where you choose “Italian pasta” or “Asian noodles,” then have them tossed to order with your choice of sauce, veg and protein for $5.99.

Montague’s Deli rolls out generous wraps like our veggie on whole wheat with hummus, cheddar, and your standard sub and wrap toppings ($5.19—not cheap). Pre-fab sushi at World’s Fare looks inedible. Our slice from Pizza Pizza tastes two hours old. There’s a big lineup at the coffee spot.

The Grille Works is a real boon, with six-ounce all-beef patties grilled to order. I’m not sure how they handle this à-la-minute flame- broiling during peak hours, because I wait a good while until my cheeseburger($4.59—not cheap)is ready. But it’s worth it all the same (a good burger always is). Nice char, cooked through but still juicy, fresh toppings and an appealing foil wrapper. The fries ($1.79) are that idiotic battered variety, the type with the sticky, salty veneer. (What is that?)

There’s a cereal bar area at the court’s core, and fresh fruit, too. Another wall boasts a dozen varieties of herbal teas, and just about every outlet offers healthier mains at a fair price—should the students decide to choose them.

Bonus: they sell chocolate bars. And every (non-alcoholic) beverage known to man.

— Amy Rosen