SFUO voting underway

Editor-in-chief of La Rotonde offers blog format coverage on voting day

Wassim Garzouzi, editor in chief of the French language student newspaper at SFUO, is covering the SFUO election today on his newly created blog:

He tells me "There might be a few typos, but I will keep updating it throughout the day and more importantly, throughout the night."

I say to Wassim, excellent – we need more coverage of student politics, especially up to date information from the student press. My only concern is that you may compete with me — in the typo category! You will definitely beat me in quality of coverage of the SFUO election.

(For those of you that have not seen a copy of La Rotonde, you should try to get your hands on one. Somebody brought one back to McMaster from the CUP conference and frankly, the layout puts a lot of more established papers to shame.)