Simon Fraser students vote to leave CFS

I have received very preliminary numbers from voting at Simon Fraser Union on continuing their membership in the Canadian Federation of Students.The preliminary numbers I received are 2928 votes to leave the CFS and 1462 votes to stay.Updated preliminary numbers, Total Votes: 4442, Votes to leave the CFS: 2948, Votes to stay in the CFS: 1452.As I said these are early numbers.UPDATES:Amy Fox, SFSS External Relations Officer sent out the following in an mail: (0506 Eastern 21 Mar 08)*We won.


67% No.


33% Yes.


That’s roughly two “No” votes to every “Yes” vote


Despite being outfinanced and outswarmed by out-of-province

“volunteers.” Despite harassment of our volunteers and smear leaflets.

Despite legal threats. Despite the fact that this took fifteen months.


Or maybe because of these things,


We are out.


If you volunteered; if you voted; if you took the time to get informed;

if you told your friends; if you gave a shit; you helped make this

happen. Thank you. You have changed your campus.


And now to look forward to an SFU with a real student experience based

on student organizing for students. It’s up to us from here. Fortunately

SFU students have proved that we’re more than capable of organizing for




To independence, autonomy and accountability,


– Amy

External Relations Officer, Simon Fraser Student Society*