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Student expelled for hacking gets job offer

Dawson College explains expulsion

A student expelled from a Montreal college for hacking into its computer system says he is considering a job offer from the firm that provided the cyber information program.

Ahmed Al-Khabaz says he has been offered employment by the president of Skytech Communications.

Dawson College held a news conference today where it justified its expulsion of the computer science student, saying he breached its code of professional conduct.

Dawson director-general Richard Filion maintains Al-Khabaz was kicked out because he repeatedly tried to gain access to areas of the college information system that had no relation to student data.

Al-Khabaz says he found a flaw in the student information system, reported it and was expelled when he checked to see if the system had been repaired.

He made his comments to reporters after the Dawson news conference, which he attended as a member of the audience.

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