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Students suspended over Facebook threats

Friends of murdered victim 'vent' online

Six Edmonton high school students have been suspended after they posted comments to Facebook threatening retaliation for a friend who was murdered on the weekend. Niko Arlia, 17, was stabbed to death early Sunday morning, an autopsy report released Wednesday revealed. Kevin Moffett, 19, has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder in relation to the case.

Shortly after they learned of Arlia’s death, Mishayla Rocque, a close friend, and five others wrote online comments wishing the killers to suffer, and making threats. The students were suspended from St. Joseph High School on Tuesday, and were recommended for expulsion. “When I posted it was right after I found out, so I was really pissed off and just upset, so I turned to Facebook to vent,” Rocque says.

A spokesperson for the school board said, “They threatened the well-being of other students, and if at any time the well-being of other students is threatened, we take immediate action.”

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