The best of Canadian comedy: government advertising

Attack ads are guaranteed to crack a smile

The only thing more hilarious than government-sponsored advertising is the attention garnered by the media in relation.

The Canadian Press just released a story about how the Tories are spending more on their advertising than on H1N1 awareness. A couple of months ago, the country was abuzz with discussion about Conservative attack ads on Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. One ad (my favourite) shows a picture of a smiling Ignatieff, set to sinister piano music, as he is accused of “just visiting” Canada.

It’s just priceless. Check out the video here.

So, while I’ve been taking in all of this advertising excitement, I couldn’t help but feel a little left out. So I figured, why not partake in the fun? And maybe do a good deed while I’m at it?

Alas, I decided I would help out Harper and his chums but getting a head start on his next advertising blitz. I think I’m pretty bang-on with respect to anticipating his next move. Do enjoy:

And note: This clip was created for satirical purposes only. Statements are not necessarily true, nor due they necessarily reflect the opinions of the creator or host. Statements are not intended to malign.