The CASA media playbook vs. the CFS media playbook

Last week, I noted a critical editorial in the University of Alberta Gateway. The editorial questioned the value of Canadian Alliance of Student Associations membership for University of Alberta students. (It also questioned the value of membership in the Canadian Federation of Students.)

I’ve been critical of CASA in the past and will likely be critical in the future. Same goes with the CFS. How the two organizations respond to critical coverage is night and day. The CFS sends legal letters and throws a tantrum whenever it is unhappy with anything in the student press. CASA will send a letter to the editor to explain their viewpoint.

When a story unfavourable to CASA is being written, I can call them and get answers. When any article that is not favourable, even neutral, about the CFS is being written, repeated phone calls will not be returned. It is not unusual for legal letters or warning to arrive prior to the publication of an article.

The result this week; CASA national director Zach Churchill is interviewed in The Gateway this week.