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Self photos from shirtless guys, actresses and an astronaut

Are selfies harmless fun or extreme narcissism? Read one student’s analysis here.

Everyone is doing the "selfie"

Storified by maconcampus· Wed, Feb 13 2013 15:19:09

http://www.selfys.com/stolennudeselfys.html Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton take celebrity selfies celebrity selfie http://pic.twitter.com/L7wzjh3oSelfie_guru
Is this the first selfie in space?
Tonight’s (Fat Tuesday) Finale: Even on the Space Station we’re ready for Mardi Gras! http://pic.twitter.com/FdpiM2V7Chris Hadfield
Nope, this is the first selfie in space.
The first ever selfie from space. “@Cmdr_Hadfield: Floating in a sleeping bag, tethered to a wall in my pod. http://pic.twitter.com/3Kob2ewi”Tommy Farah
Here’s proof that Fall Out Boy still exists:
Patrick why are you photo bombing my selfie? http://instagr.am/p/VnD4q_sGQp/Fall Out Boy
Just in case the official photographers were looking the other way…
RT @_benjimina: Kate: Take a picture! Will: SELFIE TIME http://pic.twitter.com/zLgc0I4UHannibal Lecter
Instagram’s forgiving filters are partly to thank for this selfies trend.
Snow#premier#2013David Malo
It’s apparently not too cold on Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain to pop out a smartphone.
Riding grouse with @midnightriderbc #selfie http://pic.twitter.com/vKl3UMcWSamantha Steele
This Coquitlam, B.C. Tweeter clearly finds the selfie more engaging than books.
What if i took selfies with my laptop instead of my phone? #selfie http://pic.twitter.com/QdzHn5QdLionel
New glasses, new clothes and new haircuts all warrant selfies.
Obligatory post-haircut selfie. #shameless http://pic.twitter.com/9GSyn8cRdavis carr
Montreal style selfie:
The lovely @emcontaoe in our #JAMBON beanie. #miltonandparc #montreal #ootd #ham #selfie #happymonday #streetwear… http://pic.twitter.com/HBM3tvZ4Milton & Parc
It’s easy to see why some say selfies encourage narcissism.
Selfies in English class.
English class selfie http://pic.twitter.com/arBF8RBwLady Gaga | Brandon
A selfie to show off a great smile.
Selfie. Post-braces, post-shave. http://pic.twitter.com/UY1dJiAYPrit Jalundhwala

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