Top 10 Weirdest Campus Clubs in Canada

From cheese to zombies, there’s something for everyone

Regardless of your school, you can typically choose from dozens of clubs to find one that suits your interests, whether it be sports, the arts, politics…. or cheese. After scouring the club listings of dozens of universities across the country, I give you my list of The Top 10 Weirdest Campus Clubs in Canada

10. 420 Green Club, Mount Royal University
The club raises awareness of Marijuana “so that our members can become more responsible users and get a better understanding of the real pro’s and con’s [sic] of using Cannabis, myths aside.”

9. Right Handed Vehicles Club, University of Manitoba
It aims to unite students who drive right-handed vehicles in appreciation of “the uniqueness of the vehicles we own.”

8. Super Cool Council, Dalhousie University
“We are super cool,” says the club’s listing. (Maclean’s On Campus has not confirmed this claim.)

7. Campus Crusade for Cheese, University of Waterloo
This club unites students, faculty, staff and alumni with an avid love of all things cheese. It is not to be confused with Campus Crusade for Christ or the Campus Crusade for Teas (also at Waterloo).

6. BarberSoc, York University
York’s very own Barbershop singing group has a four-part a cappella choir and three quartets.

5. The Pokémon Club, University of Victoria
Remember those geeky kids who traded Pikachu and Charmander cards? You thought they’d never grow up, right? You were correct. They’re officially adults and the obsession continues.

4. Bagpipe Society, Mount Allison University
Bagpipe novices learn here. Pros provide music for weddings, birthdays and other events.

3. Anti-trans fat Alliance, University of Alberta
This club has a rather narrow mission. It’s focused on making the U of A a trans-fat-free zone.

2. Fetish and Kink Enthusiasts, McGill University
Do you really want to know more?

1. Thrill the World, University of Ottawa
This club  is dedicated entirely to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” The club’s activities include moonwalking, thriller flashmobs, “and eating the occasional brain.”