On Campus

The youth vote

High school student Abigail Puttock writes about the youth vote in the Hamilton Spectator:

[T]he message that such a low youth-voter turnout sends to politicians is, “We don’t care.”

Some of us do care, but all of us should.

I feel that it is my duty to vote because it is a privilege and a right. Many people made great sacrifices so we can oppose or support the party of our choice.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms safeguards our right to vote, or run for office. It’s really easy to forget our rights are foreign to millions of people. We have the good fortune to be living in a democracy in which everyone has the right to vote, try to get elected, or otherwise express their political opinion. To not take advantage of these rights is a shame.

Vote. Let your voice be heard. Be proud that we live in a country that allows anybody over 18 to vote for the future of their country.

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