Torched cars, house fires and gunshots linked to college

Staff and former students targeted

Shots have been fired and buildings and vehicles have been set ablaze in suburban Vancouver.

The incidents are believed to be related. Three of the victims are employees of the Justice Institute of British Columbia, two are former students and the other five have links to the school.

RCMP Chief Supt. Janice Armstrong told the Vancouver Sun that the attacks began in April and that in July, “an astute investigator recognized a link between seemingly unconnected criminal events occurring throughout the Lower Mainland.”

“Persons of interest” have been identified. Police are seeking more information from the public. None of the people affected is suspected by the RCMP of having connections to organized crime.

No current students are known to have been targeted and no one has been physically hurt.

JIBC trains future police officers, security officials, corrections officers, firefighters and more.