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UBC takes Lip Dub to the next level

Way back in 2009, students at the University of Quebec-Montreal (UQAM) decided to make a little music video, showcasing people lip syncing over “I Got a Feeling,” that exploded with over 8 million views.

Fast forward 18 months, and apparently this is now the standard method of showing how awesome your school is in Canada. UVic, UBC, and Queen’s have all produced videos this year, with Western also planning their own.

Most lipdub videos are somewhat amateur-looking in execution, partly to show off the “we’re just a bunch of young people who got together to enthusiastically sing to a popular song!” vibe.

UBC’s, which came out yesterday, is decidedly not. It features expensive cars, unicorns, underwater cameras, and . . . well, you’ll see for yourself. The executive producers reached out to the Vancouver community to get the sponsorships needed to create a more professional-looking video, and the result is an amazing video that will trick anyone outside of British Columbia that UBC has loads of school spirit. And results in money for the Make a Wish Foundation.

So go watch it.

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