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UNBSU lets military contractor keep booth at job fair

Pres says "We are not the moral police"; Lockheed Martin allowed to stay

Recently, I haven’t blogged on many important student politics stories. Primarily because I don’t have time and always put it off until I think I’ll have time. Today, I’m going to try and break that bad habit.

The students’ union at the University of New Brunswick has narrowly voted against banning Lockheed Martin, a major military contractor, from job fairs at the 9,000 student campus.

Student union president Bethany Vail spoke against the motion stating “We are not the moral police.”

The approach taken by the UNBSU is an entire continent away from the attitute of student politicians at the University of Victoria who, in the fall of 2007 banned the Canadian Forces from a job fair in the student union building.

Christine Comrie, a UVSS board director-at-large said at the time, “A lot of students don’t know about the issues and don’t know about the facts . . .We have to make this decision for students.”

“We are not moral police.” Words of wisdom for student politicians across the country looking to avoid being known as the next UVSS, York Federation of Students, or Carleton University Students Association.

Common sense on job fairs, common sense on targeted financial aid? I don’t know about you, but I’m finding New Brunswick student politics to be a refreshing breath of fresh air.

PRIMARY LINK: Council shuts down Lockheed Martin motion by Sarah Ratchford, The Brunswickan

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