University seeks musical masterpiece

Memorial looking for an opus to accompany its 100th convocation; no "soft wedding music."

In celebration of its 100th convocation, Memorial University has issued a request for proposals for a masterpiece of ceremonial music, reports The Telegram.

The university says the piece must be flexible, adaptable and able to stand the test of time. The university’s current score has been criticized as “soft wedding music.” Tom Gordon, director of MUN’s school of music, says the new piece should be solemn but contemporary.

The piece must be able to be extended or abbreviated, and three arrangements must be written: one for a brass quintet, one for trumpet and organ/piano, and one just for the organ.

Composers must be MUN alumni or present or former residents of Newfoundland and Labrador. They will also need to submit a portfolio of their work, resume, and a sketch of what they would do if awarded the commission.

Submissions will be reviewed by a three-member jury consisting of at least one composer and the university’s organist, and judged on originality and the piece’s compatibility. The winning composer will get $7,000 plus preparation costs.