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What students are talking about today (November 29th edition)

Tuition paid in change, plus mental health & flying potatoes

Paying in change? (Saimz Eyez/Flickr)

1. Mount Royal University student Devin DeFraine is opposed to a fee for paying with credit cards, so he instead paid his tuition at the Registrar’s Office on Wednesday using 105 kilograms of coins. “If they’re gonna nickel and dime us, I’m gonna nickel and dime them,” he told CTV News.

2. Winnipeg is gripped by IKEA fever. More than 1,000 people lined up in the cold for the grand opening, reports Winnipeg’s Free Press. The first Canadian IKEA opened in Halifax 40 years ago.

3. Queen’s University’s long-awaited Principal’s Commission on Student Mental Health includes 116 recommendations including more flexible exam timetables, a fall reading break, better training and pet visits. The year-long commission followed a number of student deaths in 2010 and 2011.

4. Also at Queen’s, the Journal reports that several students have been hit by fruits and vegetables hurled from a moving SUV. The edible weapons include potatoes and oranges. Ouch.

5. Dalhousie University’s Student Union is advertising a puppy room that students can visit for free during the stressful days ahead of exams. “Yup, it’s a room full of puppies,” says the Facebook posting.

6. Astronomers have found a black hole in a distant galaxy that challenges notions about how galaxies evolve. The black hole has a mass equal to that of approximately 17 billion of our suns.

7. Western University’s Students’ Council plans to push administrators to eliminate weekend midterm and final exams. You heard that right—exams on weekends. The Gazette is supportive.

8. Students who bought parking passes at Saint Mary’s University say they are frustrated that they often can’t find spots while people without passes park illegally and often don’t get ticketed.

9. The Ubyssey has profiled a new club at the University of British Columbia called The Ministry of Moustachery, which is devoted to moustache appreciation. The club’s inaugural Moustache Pageant will be held on Nov. 30 and proceeds will be go to prostate cancer research.

10. New York Police Officer Lawrence DePrimo encountered a barefooted homeless man and bought him a pair of boots. A tourist noticed the act of kindness and snapped photo that made it first to Reddit and then to the NYPD Facebook page where it’s got more than 360,000 “likes.”

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